Aluminium Alloy 2014 / HE15

Aluminium Alloy 2014 / HE15 Stockist & Supplier

Shree Sambhav Alloys is a leading 2014 HE15 stockist and supplier. Aluminium Alloy 2014 HE15(2014 A) is a copper based alloy with very high strength together with excellent machining characteristics. Aluminium Alloy 2014 HE15 is commonly used in many aerospace structural applications due to its high strength. Other applications include military vehicles, bridges, weapons manufacture and structural applications. Aluminum Alloy 2014 HE15 will be a copper based compound with high quality together with brilliant machining attributes. Aluminium Alloy 2014 HE15 is normally utilized as a part of numerous aviation basic applications because of its high quality.
High strength alloys with excellent machinability widely used in aircraft. Have limited formability and only fair corrosion resistant in the heat treated condition. Not recommended for fusion welding. Used for high strength parts in aircraft and machinery, including gears and bolts and for security vans where strength ids critical. It has a tendency to allow the removal of a greater volume of metal in a single operation for an equipment standard of finish than 6082. Durability, however, is lower and needs a protection coating. Machines better in solution treated condition than fully heat treated. Used for machined parts where these characteristics are critical.

Aluminium Alloy 2014 HE15(2014A) is available in Bar, Sheet, Plate.

Temper Types

The most common temper for aluminium alloy 2014A are:

T6 - Solution heat treated and artificially aged

T3 - Solution heat treated, cold worked and naturally aged

T6511 - Solution heat treated and stress-relieved by stretching then artificially aged with minor straightening after aging - Equivalent to T4 condition

T651 - Solution heat treated, stress relieved by stretching then artificially aged

Supplied Forms

Round Bar is stocked in the range 1/2inch to 12inch diameter

Plate is stokced in thicknesses 1/2inch to 4 inch.

Chemical Composition

Chemical Element

% Present

Silicon (Si)

0.50 - 0.90

Iron (Fe)

0.0 - 0.50

Copper (Cu)

3.90 - 5.00

Zinc (Zn)

0.0 - 0.25

Manganese (Mn)

0.40 - 1.20

Magnesium (Mg)

0.20 - 0.80

Titanium (Ti)

0.0 - 0.15

Others (Total)

0.0 - 0.15

Chromium (Cr)

0.0 - 0.10

Nickel (Ni)

0.0 - 0.10

Other (Each)

0.0 - 0.05

Titanium + Zirconium (Ti+Zr)

0.0 - 0.20

Aluminium (Al)