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Shree Sambhav Alloys is one of the leading Titanium Alloy Supplier and Exporter. Titanium alloys are metals that contain a mixture of titanium and other chemical elements. Such alloys have very high tensile strength and toughness (even at extreme temperatures). They are light in weight, have extraordinary corrosion resistance and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. However, the high cost of both raw materials and processing limit their use to military applications, aircraft, spacecraft, medical devices, highly stressed components such as connecting rods on expensive sports cars and some premium sports equipment and consumer electronics. Although "commercially pure" titanium has acceptable mechanical properties and has been used for orthopedic and dental implants.

Grades of Titanium Alloy:

  • Titanium Alloy Grade 1 is the most ductile and softest titanium alloy. It is a good solution for cold forming and corrosive environments. ASTM/ ASME SB-265 provides the standards for commercially pure titanium sheet and plate.

  • Titanium Alloy Grade 2 has moderate strength with excellent cold formability, weldability. This titanium also has excellent resistance to high oxidization. Its available forms are seamless pipe, welded pipe, seamless tube, welded tube, bar, wire, sheet, plate, forgings, pipe fittings and flanges.

  • Titanium Alloy Grade 3 is an unalloyed titanium grade (CP titanium = commercially pure titanium) with medium oxygen content. characterized by high strength. The grade is typically used for matrix-plates i-shell and tube heat exchangers.

  • Titanium Alloy Grade 4 is a much stronger version of Grades 2 and 3 with cold formability and reduced ductility. Its available forms are seamless pipe, welded pipe, seamless tube, welded tube, bar, wire, sheet, plate, forgings, pipe fittings and flanges.

  • Titanium Alloy Grade 5 also known as Ti6Al4V, Ti-6Al-4V or Ti 6-4, is the most commonly used alloy. It is significantly stronger than commercially pure titanium while having the same stiffness and thermal properties (excluding thermal conductivity, which is about 60% lower in Grade 5 Ti than in CP Ti). Among its many advantages, it is heat treatable. This grade is an excellent combination of strength, corrosion resistance, weld and fabricability.

  • Titanium Alloy Grade 7 contains 0.12 to 0.25% palladium. This grade is similar to Grade 2. The small quantity of palladium added gives it enhanced crevice corrosion resistance at low temperatures and high pH. Grade 7 also has excellent weldability and formability.

  • Titanium Alloy Grade 9 / Titanium 3AL2.5V is a medium strength alloy with good weldability and cold fabricability for mildly reducing to mildly oxidizing media. It is commonly used in aircraft tubing for hydraulics and in athletic equipment.

  • Titanium Alloy Grade 12 is a titanium grade alloyed with molybdenum and nickel. It is characterized by excellent corrosion resistance in reducing and oxidizing environments and offers better heat resistance than pure titanium grades. It is suitable for applications such as shell and tube heat exchangers and is typically used within, for example, the chemical industries.

  • Titanium Alloys are available in form of Sheets / Plates, Rods / Bars, Flats, Circle, Forgings, Rings.

  • Titanium Wires :
  • We have wide range of Titanium Wire available from Dia 1 to Dia 5mm in All possible Grade like Grade2, Grade 5, Grade 5ELI Etc

  • Titanium Bars :
  • We have wide range of Titanium Bars available from Dia 6 to Dia 200mm in All Grades.

  • Titanium Sheets :
  • We have wide range of Titanium Sheets available from Size : 0.5mm to 3mm Thick in All Grades.

  • Titanium Plates:
  • We have wide range of Titanium Plates available from Size : 4mm to 25mm Thick in All Grades.