Quality Policy

Quality Policy

SHREE SAMBHAV ALLOYS provides quality project management, co-ordination, and installation services throughout India. The company has developed a high level of expertise since its establishment and the aim is to achieve a high standard of service for its customers. It is the policy of Shree Sambhav Alloys to provide its customers with goods and services that meet or exceed their expectations. We are committed to providing quality and value for money in the products and services we deliver to our customers through the adoption of the Quality Management System.

The Directors, Management and Staff are responsible for Control of Quality through the use of the Quality Management System and top management are committed to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system by constant review. We are conscious that the motivation of our employees is dependent on their training and understanding of the tasks they are expected to perform. Our continued dedication to quality control and customer service are the cornerstones and characteristics that have made SHREE SAMBHAV ALLOYS the world class stockist and supplier that it is today…and will continue to be in the years to come!


  • Confidence of our Clients.

    Confidence of our Clients that their requirements for quality and safety are being achieved in the delivered product or service.

  • Confidence of our Management.

    Confidence of our management & staff that the requirements for quality are being fulfilled & maintained, & that quality improvements take place.

  • Quality Objectives.

    A framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.